It’s hard to describe the buzzy, warm, happy feeling that comes out of a swap.  It’s just so nice on so many levels - meeting new people, seeing now familiar faces, chatting about food and food sources and food inspiration...and then you leave with a bounty of goodies that you know were made with skill, care, and love!  It’s so totally rewarding.

Thank you to our very gracious hosts, Natalie and Jason at Isabelle Farm.  They set us up in their CSA farmstand and made us feel very welcome indeed!

The weather was gorgeous, the swappables were outstanding:  almond butters, lady grey tea ice cream, bacon, cheese, salsas, pickled veggies, jams, chimichurri, scones, herbs - a gorgeous variety that I could hardly keep track of.

I am only sorry that it went by so fast! 

Lacy Boggs, the food editor from Yellow Scene and food blogger Stephanie Krause joined in on the swapping, and Angelica from KGNU radio came out to record the sounds of a swap. 

Oh - and we had a particularly excellent special guest today - Kat Ethington of Pike’s Peak Community Cupboard and Edible Front Range fame came up all the way from Colorado Springs - and took the so very lovely photos you see below - thank you, Kat! 

I hope that getting the word out about our swaps helps spread this particularly benevolent fire so even more kitchen crafters and garden growers will come out and join in the fun!

- Eve

I’ll take that!

Just try to hold on to your swap items when trading begins...