Host a Swap

Swappers don’t need much to get their swap on – just tables and shelter, really.

We are a great bunch of people and we love checking out the wares at local shops and learning about the growing practices at area farms and community gardens. If you are not a business owner but still want to host a swap, we’d love to see the inside of your home – or even just your backyard!

Here’s what we expect from an ideal swap host:

  Adequate tables in a space that has enough room to fit 30 people and their swap items – about two feet per swapper minimum – items can be set up back-to-back if the table can be circumnavigated.

  Protection from the elements. In summer, we just need shelter from the sun – in fall/winter/early spring, we need shelter from everything else.

  Sharing info about the swap via your website, e-newsletter, Facebook page, etc. at least two weeks before the swap – swappers need time to prepare their goodies!

  Taking part in the swap!  Swappers make some pretty excellent stuff – and, while you won’t get cash for your products during the swap, you might win over some seriously discerning, loyal customers.  And really – bartering is an exceptionally good thing, even if it doesn’t pay most bills.

Ready to host?  Email us and we’ll come chat about dates and times and whatever else you need to know.

Our Hosts

Bean Cycle Cafe
Care and Share Food Bank
Council Tree Library
Cure Organic Farm
Denver Urban Homesteading Market
Fabric Bliss
Fort Collins Nursery
Happy Heart Farm CSA
Harlequin’s Gardens
Hops and Berries
Isabelle Farm
Jerry’s Nut House
Little London Market
Main Old Town Library
Mulberry Community Gardens
Old Town Spice Shop
Ollin Farms
On the Vine at Richmond Farms
Pikes Peak Community Cupboard
Savory Spice Shop Boulder
Savory Spice Shop Fort Collins
Stonebridge Farm
Tabor Mountain Bakehouse
West Washington Park Community Garden
Wolverine Farm Bookstore