• Sunny Swap…in November! December 1, 2014 - It seems crazy, but we were wearing flip flops at our November Boulder Swap at Isabelle Farm! What started out as a lovely small swap with amazing granola and soup and infused honey turned up a notch when some new swappers showed up with some seriously in-demand items! When the weather dropped to the teens … Continue reading Sunny Swap…in November!
  • Swapping in September September 5, 2013 - As clouds loomed over us at the Denver swap on Saturday, September 14 the close-knit groups of swappers still came together to catch-up, swap, and discuss how the rain is affecting our state. The sun came out and so did our smiles when we saw what glorious goodies we were going to walk away with … Continue reading Swapping in September
  • Why I Swap March 11, 2013 - So, I started a new job back in October that involves commuting and events during non-work hours and is keeping me pretty extra busy. But when people ask me about the swaps and all the work that goes into putting them together I always say ‘oh – it’s not work at all – it’s the … Continue reading Why I Swap
  • This Swap was a Total Treat September 9, 2012 - NorCO swappers met in September at Fort Collins’ newest independent book seller, The Eclectic Reader to mingle, sample, and trade. Casey brought fresh cherry tomatoes from her garden, as well as banana bread and her mom’s “Monkey Butter”, a tropical spread of pineapple, banana, and coconut.
  • Denver Swappers Get Creative in the Garden August 27, 2012 - A beautiful morning for a swap in Denver this past Saturday at our favorite spot, West Washington Park Community Garden. A dozen swappers came with their tote bags, coolers, and baskets filled with amazing treats, sweet or savory…or both!
  • A Gorgeous Day At Swapper Gay’s August 27, 2012 - We had a fun time at Gay’s gorgeous home in the trees of Black Forest! She loved showing off her newly-remodeled kitchen, and there was plenty of room for our swappers to lay out their wares.
  • NorCO Swappers Get Wildcrafty August 27, 2012 - NorCO swappers were on the south side of Fort Collins for the August swap. We welcomed lots of new faces. For goodies, we had exquisite versions of blueberry jam, zucchini bread, and gluten free cupcakes.